Role - conversion_host_content

Role Documentation

The role conversion_host_content install all the prerequisites in the conversion hosts depending on the distribution. In the case of using RHEL as the OS there is also the posibility to configure the subscription manager prior the packages install.

For further information about the role conversion_host_content refer to the official docs.

Role Defaults

This section highlights all of the defaults and variables set within the “conversion_host_content” role.

os_migrate_conversion_host_content_install: true
# The following two variables must be
# configured to set up properly the RHSM
# os_migrate_conversion_rhsm_username: username
# os_migrate_conversion_rhsm_password: password
os_migrate_conversion_rhsm_retries: 5
os_migrate_conversion_rhsm_delay: 10

os_migrate_conversion_host_pre_content_hook: false
os_migrate_conversion_host_post_content_hook: false

os_migrate_conversion_rhsm_manage: true

os_migrate_conversion_link_keypair_private_path: '{{ os_migrate_data_dir }}/conversion/link-ssh.key'
os_migrate_conversion_host_ssh_user: cloud-user
os_migrate_conversion_host_ssh_user_enable_password_access: false
os_migrate_conversion_host_ssh_user_password: weak_password_disabled_by_default