Role - import_workloads

Role Documentation

The role import_workloads will validate the serialized data of the exported workloads, and it will read the exported metadata. Then it will start the actual workload migration, it will first check that both conversion hosts are reachable, then it will export the selected source guests by exposing its volumes, transfering them to the destination tenant, and creating a new guest booting from the recently imported volume.

For further information about the role import_workloads refer to the official docs.

Role Defaults

This section highlights all of the defaults and variables set within the “import_workloads” role.

os_migrate_conversion_keypair_private_path: '{{ os_migrate_data_dir }}/conversion/ssh.key'
os_migrate_timeout: 1800
os_migrate_workload_cleanup_on_failure: true
os_migrate_workload_boot_volume_prefix: os-migrate-
os_migrate_workload_stop_before_migration: false
os_migrate_workloads_data_copy: true
- regex: .*