Contributing Documentation

If you notice missing or errorneous documentation, you can either create an issue on Github, or you can create a pull request with the desired documentation changes.

Documentation sources in the repository:

  • The majority of documentation is located under docs/src folder.

  • Individual roles have a readme file under os_migrate/roles/<ROLE>/ (Ansible Galaxy requirement).

  • Modules are documented directly in their Python file os_migrate/plugins/modules/<MODULE>.py (Ansible convention).

Rendering the Documentation

After you make your change and before you submit a pull request, it’s good to verify that the changes you made are getting rendered into HTML correctly.

If you haven’t yet built a toolbox container for OS Migrate development, do so now:

make toolbox-build

To build the documentation, run:

./toolbox/run make docs

You can inspect the rendered documentation by opening docs/src/_build/html/index.html in your web browser.