General Contribution Guidelines

Commit Messages for Changelog

OS Migrate uses commit messages for automated generation of project changelog. For every pull request we request contributors to be compliant with the following commit message notation.


<type>: <summary>


Accepted <type> values:

  • New - newly implemented user-facing features

  • Chg - changes in existing user-facing features

  • Fix - user-facing bugfixes

  • Oth - other changes which users should know about

  • Dev - any developer-facing changes, regardless of new/chg/fix status

Keeping Changelog Clean

If the commit message subject starts with Dev:, it will be omitted when rendering the changelog.

Using this convention is important to keep the changelog document concise and focused on user-facing changes. Any developer-facing changes (developer environment, CI, developer-only docs) or miniature “cosmetic” edits should be tagged as Dev.

Summary (First Line)

The first line should not be longer than 70 characters, the second line is always blank and other lines should be wrapped at 80 characters.

Message Body

Uses the imperative, present tense: “change” not “changed” nor “changes” and includes motivation for the change and contrasts with previous behavior. Think how the commit message will appear in the project changelog.