Installing Vagrant directly on host (alternative path)

Normally you should run Vagrant containerized as the developer environment setup doc suggests. If you have a reason to install on bare metal instead, here are relevant instructions.

yum install -y
vagrant --version
virsh pool-define-as vagrant dir - - - - "/var/lib/libvirt/images/vagrant"
virsh pool-list --all
virsh pool-build vagrant
virsh pool-start vagrant
virsh pool-autostart vagrant
virsh pool-info vagrant

We need to install the libvirt provider

yum groupinstall "Virtualization Host" -y
yum install libvirt-devel -y
vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt
systemctl restart libvirtd

Go to the toolbox/vagrant folder

cd toolbox/vagrant
vagrant box add --name fedora29

Start the environment using the libvirt provider

vagrant up --provider libvirt